Real Estate Law

Our Firm represents international and local banks, financial institutions, development companies, funds, construction companies, foreign and national individual investors in real estate transactions including purchase and sale of land/property, real estate development projects, construction, real estate financing, commercial leasing, real estate disputes, medical facilities and healthcare, hotels, establishing in rem rights such as mortgage and easements, property management, long leasehold contracts, sale of residential and commercial projects, financing projects.
We provide legal services mainly in relation to following matters related to Real Estate Law;

· Acquisitions and dispositions of retail, office, hotel, industrial, recreational and residential properties,
· Acquisitions and dispositions of businesses of which real estate is a material asset,
· Providing legal analysis of leases and other property contracts, performing a research on the regulatory compliance, performing title searches and reviewing,
· Resolving disputes arising from the purchase, financing, management and sale of real estates or businesses with real estate holdings,
· Acquisition, construction and permanent financing, from both the lender’s and the borrower’s perspective,
· Drafting, negotiating and implementing the loan and security documentations,
· Duly transferring the title deeds before the title deed registries,
· In case of foreign buyers, applying for military permission of the real estate before the competent authorities,
· Drafting and negotiation of construction contracts,
· Construction financing, from both the lender’s and the borrower’s perspective,
· Retail, office and industrial leasing, from the landlord’s or the tenant’s perspective,
· Providing legal advices on landlord-tenant disputes arising during the term of a lease or upon its termination.